Floor Living & Aesthetics Services


LonRidge Smokey marine-grade vinyl flooring

Rear door trim

Side door trim

Floor installed and about to install the bed

We like to use Minicell foam insulation for our floors. Minicell is fire retardant, UV stable, hydrophobic, and offers sound deadening for your van.  A must for keeping a more stable temperature in all weather conditions.  

Living & Aesthetics Services Walls & Ceiling

Walls & Ceiling

Panel supports, electrical, plumbing are installed first. The walls and ceiling are just one step in the order of operations in a full build-out.

Addition of L Track with an A/C system.
The Duotone Project

Porthole walls and foldable bed built-in.
The Duotone Project

Tongue & groove ceiling with L Track and two Maxxair fans.
The Racoon Project

Beds Living & Aesthetics Services


The Sanctuary Bed

by The Vanlife Collective

Three-piece bed assembly

Build custom to fit most common van sizes

Easy removal and easy storage

Includes rails and mounting hardware

Routed corner and edges

1″ Welded steel frame, powder-coated
1/2″ Polyurethane treated ACX plywood
4″ Handle/vents

The Homey Van is ready for a Queen size bed. The bed frame is attached to the L Track installed on the walls. Now the bed can be moved forward or backward depending on your needs. With multiple tracks laid, the bed can even be on different levels.

Electrical Services Solar


Three 100 watt panels arranged around two Maxxair fans.

Four 100 watt panels are arranged around a Winegard WiFi booster, skylight, shower vent, and air conditioning unit.

Flatline rack to accompany many components.


Victron SmartSolar is the best option for photovoltaic MPPT charging. With each panel bringing in 18-20v, this charger accepts up to 100v, therefore four panels in parallel or eight in parallel & series. This uses solar to charge the house battery DC system.


KISAE makes a great device for solar charging and charging from the vehicle’s alternator. This uses solar and the car alternator to charge the house battery DC system.

Maximize your van’s electrical needs with Solar.  Professionally installed and guaranteed solar packages can keep you more comfortable off-grid and keep you powered up longer.  There are many variations of Electrical components for every van lifer’s needs.  Here at the Vanlife Collective we can help you capitalize on all of that spare room on top of your van. 

Flexible solar panels are always an option if there is no rack for rigid panels and also allows for an ultra-low clearance for garage parking.

Electrical Inverters Services


Option One: Renogy

Renogy makes a great inverter we use for all base builds. The inverters come in 1000w, 2000w, and 3000w specs. We can calculate what wattage you’ll need based on the appliances being used.

Option Two: Victron


Victron components are the best option. The MultiPlus contains shore power charging (converter 120v -> 12v) and an inverter(12v -> 120v). It basically sums up what you need for your dream van. The Quattro offers higher amperage and two AC inputs (shore power & generator).

Heat & Air Insulation Services


Natural High-Performance Wool Insulation

  • Filters air and improves indoor air quality – harmful chemicals are in your walls. The amino acids in wool irreversibly bond with formaldehyde, NOₓ and SO2 on a molecular level.
  • Moisture and climate control – moisture and mold happens in your walls. Wool absorbs and adsorbs it against 65% relative humidity.
  • Suppresses mold and mildew – natural keratin prevents against the spread of mold and mildew.
  • Absorbs sound – wool exceeds other forms of insulation as an acoustic buffer.
  • Thermal conductivity – wool batts are industry standard at 3.6 per inch; loose-fill outperforms at 4.3 per inch.
  • Resists fire – wool will not support a flame below 1100F; conforms to Class A of the ASTM E84 test.
  • All natural – wool insulation is entirely renewable and sustainable.
  • Long lasting – inherent characteristics allow stated R-values to exceed other forms of insulation.
  • No off-gassing – natural characteristics make our insulation devoid of harmful chemicals.
  • Installs easily – blow-in and batts are installed like other mediums but with no protection required.
wool insualtion vs fiberglass insulation

3M Thinsulate

3M Thinsulate SM600L has more acoustic absorption per unit weight vs. competitive products. Hydrophobic fibers resist moisture, mold and mildew. Thinsulate is FMVSS 302 certified (federal motor vehicle safety standard).

Heat & Air Services Vents & Fans

Vents & Fans

A must have for every van enthusiast!

We recommend a remote controlled Maxxfan vent system. Easy to operate and never fails.

Humans need air to breathe, bring in the fresh air!

Note: This photo still includes the shrink-wrap from the manufacturer.

All done. Weather proof and ready to command the van’s air circulation.

We recommend the 6200K with the Smoke colored lid.

This model gives the same breathability as the 7500K minus the electronic opening/closing lid and remote control. It is priced well and does an excellent job.

L Track Services

L Track

The track is made of aluminum alloy (6061-T6) with a rated Working Load Limit of 2,000 lbs.

Heavy-duty L-track is available in three profiles: regular, angled, and flange.

We recommend the flange profile to line up with your walls, ceiling or floor.

~~Recessed L-track requires you to route a channel in the floor for a flush mount. It can also be mounted directly on the floor but will stick up about 1 inch. The surface mount profile can easily be mounted to floors and walls giving you nearly limitless tie-down points.

L Track Pricing

L Track in inchesCost

All lengths are cut to order.

The maximum single track length is 100″.

Installing L Track requires specific tools to drill the countersunk mounting holes properly. L Track comes without mounting holes to allow customization. We offer a kit with most tools needed.

*NEW* L Track “Do It Yourself” Install Kit

Example: 2020 Ford Transit

This van has basically the most L track installed minus two parallel floor tracks.

Driver Wall Top143″
Driver Wall Bottom99″
Driver Ceiling129″
Passenger Wall Top143″
Passenger Wall Bottom100″
Passenger Ceiling129″
Rear Floor69″
TOTAL inches812″
TOTAL feet67′ 7″
L Track needed at 100″ each9 tracks

Installation pricing

L Track installation can vary from van to van depending on how many tracks desired.

Pricing is for vans with “stock” interiors. Vans with complex custom interiors or exterior items that must be removed prior to starting work may incur additional charges. It is encouraged customers remove custom items or exterior parts prior to installation appoint to avoid additional charges.

Charges will be time based on a labor rate of $135 an hour.

Battery Electrical Services


When it comes to power upgrades, there are many different configurations to suit your needs. The difference between 100aH battery bank and 400aH is a big difference and will really matter when you’re off grid.

BattleBorn lithium battery snug in its battery box.

Solar charger alongside the distribution fuse block with necessary breakers.

300 Ah with a Victron MultiPlus II 3000w inverter/charger

Victron MultiPlus 3000w inverter/charger

VW Eurovan TDI battery added under passenger seat

Our recommendation for different types of batteries and applications.

ItemGoal Zero
Yeti 1500
Ability to chain more batteriesYesYesYesYes
Charge Characteristicscharge down all the wayLimit to 50% dischargecharge down all the waycharge down all the way
HeatLimited extremesGood in hot and coldLimited extremesLimited extremes
Alternator charging while driving70 WGeneric ACR: 1600W
(23 Times faster)
Kisae DMT 1250: 600W
(8.5 times faster)
Victron DC-DC charger: 480W
Invertercapacity 1500WRenogy 3000WRenogy 3000WVictron 3000W
Shore powerShore powerRenogy charge inverter 2000W (includes shore power)Victron charge inverter
Solar controllerIncludedRover 40: 480W maxKisae DMT 1250: 600W maxVictron Mppt 30
MonitorIncludedIncluded in Rover, but less infoVictron monitorVictron monitor
Services Windows


Large to small windows, we’ve got your installed covered

Windows can change the functionality of your van as well as your comfort and van life experience. 

Windows vary in Size, Look, and Design.  Here at the Van Life Collective we can help you pick the right window for your van life needs.  





Water tested after every install.