Electrical Services Solar


Three 100 watt panels arranged around two Maxxair fans.

Four 100 watt panels are arranged around a Winegard WiFi booster, skylight, shower vent, and air conditioning unit.

Flatline rack to accompany many components.


Victron SmartSolar is the best option for photovoltaic MPPT charging. With each panel bringing in 18-20v, this charger accepts up to 100v, therefore four panels in parallel or eight in parallel & series. This uses solar to charge the house battery DC system.


KISAE makes a great device for solar charging and charging from the vehicle’s alternator. This uses solar and the car alternator to charge the house battery DC system.

Maximize your van’s electrical needs with Solar.  Professionally installed and guaranteed solar packages can keep you more comfortable off-grid and keep you powered up longer.  There are many variations of Electrical components for every van lifer’s needs.  Here at the Vanlife Collective we can help you capitalize on all of that spare room on top of your van. 

Flexible solar panels are always an option if there is no rack for rigid panels and also allows for an ultra-low clearance for garage parking.

Electrical Inverters Services


Option One: Renogy

Renogy makes a great inverter we use for all base builds. The inverters come in 1000w, 2000w, and 3000w specs. We can calculate what wattage you’ll need based on the appliances being used.

Option Two: Victron


Victron components are the best option. The MultiPlus contains shore power charging (converter 120v -> 12v) and an inverter(12v -> 120v). It basically sums up what you need for your dream van. The Quattro offers higher amperage and two AC inputs (shore power & generator).

Battery Electrical Services


When it comes to power upgrades, there are many different configurations to suit your needs. The difference between 100aH battery bank and 400aH is a big difference and will really matter when you’re off grid.

BattleBorn lithium battery snug in its battery box.

Solar charger alongside the distribution fuse block with necessary breakers.

300 Ah with a Victron MultiPlus II 3000w inverter/charger

Victron MultiPlus 3000w inverter/charger

VW Eurovan TDI battery added under passenger seat

Our recommendation for different types of batteries and applications.

ItemGoal Zero
Yeti 1500
Ability to chain more batteriesYesYesYesYes
Charge Characteristicscharge down all the wayLimit to 50% dischargecharge down all the waycharge down all the way
HeatLimited extremesGood in hot and coldLimited extremesLimited extremes
Alternator charging while driving70 WGeneric ACR: 1600W
(23 Times faster)
Kisae DMT 1250: 600W
(8.5 times faster)
Victron DC-DC charger: 480W
Invertercapacity 1500WRenogy 3000WRenogy 3000WVictron 3000W
Shore powerShore powerRenogy charge inverter 2000W (includes shore power)Victron charge inverter
Solar controllerIncludedRover 40: 480W maxKisae DMT 1250: 600W maxVictron Mppt 30
MonitorIncludedIncluded in Rover, but less infoVictron monitorVictron monitor