Action Jackson

2020 Ford Transit

A build we are proud of.  This project has an emphasis on detail. Beautiful lines of black laminate & bamboo finish the interior.

Four drawer galley featuring a sink, fridge, and a stovetop all wrapped in bamboo including the countertop.

Dual swivel seats with the table behind the driver’s seat.

Bamboo cabinetry with slightly beveled edges.

Instant-on propane shower with 25-gallon capacity.

Removable shower handle for easy stow.

Refined battery box. Dual Lithium batteries are housed along with a 3000w inverter, shore power charger, and DC/DC/PV charger.

The DC/DC/PV charger allows the house batteries to be charged from the vehicle’s alternator(DC) and solar(PV). The shore power charger allows the van to charge from a 15-30amp 120v plug.

Control panel below displays battery information along with remote on/off for inverter, two USB charging ports, and two 120v outlets.  A DVD player/stereo is linked to the van speakers and television that sits above the windshield headliner.

The propane stove sits atop a 3/4” bamboo countertop.

LonRidge flooring to match cabinet sides.

Upholstered walls, bamboo accent ceiling, L-track, and television cabinet upfront. Standard dimmable lights.

Custom welded roof rack with treated lumber deck for stargazing. Crawl through access from inside vehicle.  Skylight Port and Maxxfan divide the lumber with and two rails of L-track on each side.

LED scene lighting

Video Production by Jeff Kraemer @ Eclipse Films