Bamboo Cabin

The bamboo cabin is a simple design that opens up the entire space to utilitarian purposes within 10 minutes.  

The exterior boasts a Yakima Skybox on the roof for wet equipment and long items like surfboards, skis, poles, Kayaks, oars, etc.  A Rockymounts swing-away bike rack allows for both rear doors to open without removing the bikes from the rack.

Fully insulated with SM600L Thinsulate and FATMAT sound dampening throughout, an Espar heater ensures the cabin stays warm at 6000′ or -20 degrees.

Two swivel seats, combined with the location of the bench style fridge and the cookware storage, makes seating for 4 at the table roomy and spacious. Dinner for 4 can be prepared and enjoyed without cabinets to negotiate around.  

The Fridge is a Whynter 62qt. dual-zone fridge & freezer. It is one of the most efficient mobile refrigerators on the market. An instant hot water shower hangs inside the back door for ultimate comfort on the road.

The sleeping area has what’s called “poor man’s” pop outs for east-west sleeping. The bed is a two-piece aluminum powder coated frame. It boasts a custom mattress that flanges out to the back angular space in a sprinter. One thumbscrew and the bed can be removed in minutes.

The cooktop is hinged and folds down to 4″ width along the galley wall for transport of 5 bikes within the cabin.  The Coleman stove lays in an CNC cut hole in the cooktop can be unclipped for outside use easily.

2 x 250ah AGM batteries with 4000w inverter/charger generates power for a 32″ smart TV, a Sony Playstation, all the built-in dimmable lights, MaxxFan 7500, the Fridge, and the Espar heater.