Dark & Stormy

Ford Transit 148 Ext AWD: The Collective Package

For Sale! Please call to inquire

On the roof, there are 210 watts of solar power. The upper rear doors, walls, and ceiling are upholstered. The battery system is over the passenger wheel well, and the board racks are opposite. Puck lighting and platform bed; standards of van life.

The lounge.  Two Lagun mounts to move the table to either end. The cough has custom-made cushions.

Baltic birch black laminate. Contains four drawers and one cabinet, and utilizes Southco compression latches. The floor is Loncoin “Sandstone” for max durability

Sliding door panel and window casing to make a comfy armrest for when the bench seat is in

Here is an inset of the sleeping pockets.  In lieu of flares, we were able to build sleeping extensions.  The top of the frame is an Adventure Wagon Mulebag.

Drivers side forward CR Lawrence dual T-vent window and window casing, black laminate. The sill is built as a cubby so you can hold more flotsam.

Ceiling and Headliner Shelf detail.  Notice the upholstered foam blocks on each side; “elephant ears” are sanded, filled, and upholstered with tweed Cobblestone.   The headliner shelf is 3/4” bamboo with custom brackets.  LED puck lights.

A standard upper cabinet.  It’s constructed with 1/2” Baltic Birch black laminate with a 1/2” bamboo cabinet face.  The cabinet is mounted into the L-Track and has under-cabinet LED strip lighting.

Interior beauty.  Galley on the passenger side.  The galley includes a drawer-style fridge, single burner induction stove, hide-a-way sink, and GFI. Also shown are the control panel, three custom-lighted cubbies, two gooseneck reading lamps, & L-Track.

Lights are the cherry on top. Undercabinet lighting, custom window casing lighting, and cubby lighting.

Exterior shore power receptacle for a standard 20 amp outlet.

The custom single burner induction stove has a snug home in the top drawer and can be used on the counter or outside to cook with your camp buddies

Hide-a-way sink with 3/4” Bamboo countertop. E-Panel backsplash with matching paper towel holder.

 Top view.  Two MaxxAir Fans, 210w solar panel, and solar pass-through gland.  The solar panel is mounted on DIYvans Transit towers.

Control Panel with accent light above. Cubby, sink, and galley.

Back-lit fire-extinguisher cubby. The USB charging station, custom welded trim kit, and lounge with custom cushions.

The control panel:  Victron BMV-712 Wireless battery monitor, two USB charging stations, Eberspacher Airtronic controller, Renogy 3000w inverter controller, GFCI, light & undercabinet light controls.

Let that airflow in!

Feeling like its time to kick back with a Dark and Stormy

Custom welded board racks.  Extendable for wide kiteboards, and collapsible for shorter snowboards and skis

No, it’s not a spoiler. That’s your solar panel!