Dragon’s Breath

2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 170″

Custom roof rack by Cannonball Metal Works in Hood River to accompany a 52″ lightbar, awning, rear spotlights, solar panels, WeBoost cell phone amplifier, and AM/FM antenna.

Rear spot light, awning, and AM/FM antenna mounted to roof rack.

  • Victron Multicontrol is for easliy changing the inverter status and controlling the input current from shorepower.
  • Victon Colorcontrol is for monitoring and managing all electronic components.
  • Pioneer in-house stereo to play music from the house battery system.
  • Victron BMV includes a shunt and extreamly accurate battery consumption readings that get shared with the Victron Colorcontrol for very precise measurments.
  • Tank sensor reading for both fresh and gray water tanks.

Swivel seats for the driver and passenger seats

Rear seat installed with a removable table for a quick way for four people to sit down and have a meal.

Sliding door custom mount for the galley and extra storage cubby for sandals or shoes.

Running boards for the sliding door and driver door are made by Vannon.

Hide-a-way sink built into the galley. Hot water is provided by an Espar/Webasto Hydronic system. The heater provides hot air and hot water on demand.

Splash board is made from brushed aluminum. Switches include all internal lights (font ceiling lights, rear ceiling lights. under cabinet lights, toe-kick lights, shower lights), water pump, and awning power.

The shower is fabricated by Vanwife. Hot water powered by an Espar Hydronic tankless heater.

All custom cabinets for all your storage needs.

This ultimate cooking hybrid combines the fast-heating power of microwave energy with the slow-cooking browning and crisping of convection heat. 

The rear driver’s side water box has a quick disconnect hot/cold water port for an outside shower or for cleaning off gear.

Pioneer speakers have been installed in the rear doors. Perfect for inside unobstructed sound or open the doors for playing music at the campground.

Perfect fabric for a perfect red.

The top right port is the fill. When the tank is full, the excess will exit out the vent and spill on the ground. The smaller knob to the right is the mixing valve for hot and cold water. The larger black port is the quick disconnect for either a shower or spray valve.

The bed folds down from the driver’s side wall with specially made mattress parts to fit perfectly into the wall flare to maximize bed real estate.

A truly full-size galley.

Passenger’s side cabinetry with the bed folded down.

Driver’s side cabinetry with the bed folded down.

A full Victron setup with 400Ah LiFePO4. This particular kit was provided by AM Solar.

Thule electric awning opened all the way up.

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