Silver Bullet

Blue Skies ahead for the Silver Bullet!  2022 AWD Ford Transit Adventure Package.  This project took approximately 14 weeks from conception to completion.

Rear Door Detail.  Shower hanger, upholstered metal archway, half cargo door panel, exterior ladder

Drivers side swivel seat & desk combo.  

Galley, water cabinet, upper cabinets, microwave, bed platform, FlareSpace, gooseneck reading lamps, L-Track, Flooring, Bunk Window, and Ceiling with puck lights.

MaxxAir 7500k Fan installed in its typical location, van forward.  Venting is crucial, especially for cooking. Make sure you have a window that can open so you get cross-venting!

Rear Door Detail. Shower hanger, upholstered metal archway, half cargo door panel, exterior ladder

Water Box Detail.  Hydronic system behind cabinet faces, two cubbies, rear shower port, water level indicator slot, and two vents for the heating system. 

View from under the bed platform.  Custom aluminum bed frame, baltic birch panels with 3” ventilation holes. Under-cabinet garage LED strips on both sides.

L-Track embedded into the floor with a bike fork attachment.

Battery Cabinet with under-cabinet LED lighting strip.

View into the battery cabinet. Foremost: Breakers, Shunt, Kisae DC/DC/PV charge controller, Bus Bars

Upper cabinet, L-Track Mounted with integrated under cabinet lighting.

Floor Detail.  Loncoin “Onyx” Flecks II.   Also shown are two of the 3-Piece floor trim kit.

Sink with the folding faucet, E-Panel Splashguard,  Bunk Window

Baltic birch and aluminum bed platform with soft upper cabinet.  LED puck ceiling lights, FlareSpace bump outs on each side of the bed for sleeping east/west.

Wall panel detail with upholstered metal on the bump-out.

Floor detail with Integrated L-Track. Battery and Water cabinets with under cabinet lighting, Loincoin “Onyx” flooring.

 CRL 10” x 33” Bunk window and custom painted Flarespace installations.