Is there any difference between a ‘cargo van’ and a ‘passenger van’ (Sprinter, Transit) for conversion?

There are significant constraints and requirements to be aware of.

  • Windows
  • Different floor materials – some can be reused
  • Stock AC units / Heating units
  • Headliner and Trim finishes
  • Airbags

Windows can be really fun to work with, but typically end up taking more time to work around.

It takes time to strip down a van before starting a build. Passenger and crew vans each have more to remove compared to a cargo van.

The most cost-effective option is to go with a cargo van and add windows as needed.

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Do we offer full builds?

Yes, from concept to final van, we can guide you through the entire process.

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Do we offer partial builds?

Yes, we offer partial builds. 

If you only need one or a few tasks done, or just phase 1 of a build, we can do that. 


  • We ask that we be responsible for the entire process of “feature” that you are hiring us for.
    • If you are looking for a full build but want to save costs, it does not make it easier on us if you do one piece here and there, like insulation, or purchasing, or painting. It would cost more in time to work around those requests
    • For liability reasons, we must complete electrical work we started, and tampering will void warranties

If you want us to do pre-wiring and a battery system, but want to do cabinetry yourself, that’s ok. Stub wires through walls and cabinets as you build and we will come in at the end of your build to do surface wiring. 

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How much time will it take?

What we consider to be a “Full Build” has a wide range of scope. Plan on 2 to 4 months from start to finish.

Some light builds take us as little as 3 weeks.

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What is the current waiting list looking like?

Full Builds are booked through the end of March 2022. We are taking deposits for April 2022.

Smaller projects like windows, fans, and heaters can be scheduled sooner based on

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Do you have pricing for each of the components?

Pricing is available upon request. Due to the custom nature of our van builds, we don’t rely on a “one size fits all” pricing system, but rather have a starting point and will adjust accordingly.

  • Prices done this way are a bid, not an estimate.
  • Once the bid is set, any changes requested by a client are billed for time and materials.
  • Given the volatile nature of materials pricing during the pandemic, we reserve the right to adjust materials prices on a bid.

We like R&D, and if your project in particular, we will do our best to give you an estimate, rather than a bid. R&D projects are billed for Time and Materials, but we still don’t enjoy writing surprise bills at the end. We want you to know what to expect, and be comfortable with the price.

Certain installs are a flat rate, such as fans and windows.

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What is the total cost estimate for this work?

Typical pricing is $30k to $90k, but it is custom after all. We believe in accessibility, so if your budget is $5k then we can make an appropriate plan.

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What is the warranty?

VLC will warranty our work for 24 months/36k miles.

3rd party warranties are based on those companies, so for instance, if you have trouble with a Victron product then the warranty is through them for replacement products. VLC can facilitate 3rd party warranties, but cannot cover that cost if they won’t cover it.

If VLC recommended the product initially, VLC will do the replacement labor under warranty, assuming the parts were replaced by their 3rd party warranty.

Wear and tear/abuse/misuse are not included under warranty.

  • We do want to see you wear and tear these vans, and we want them to be rugged. Please share experiences with our R&D Department, as we strive to make the most bomber products. We are here to serve you, and make sure you have the van you want, not the hide behind warranty policies. We may fix / replace / recommend upgrades at our discretion.

Products that a client might request, that are not the standards recommended by VLC, do not fall under warranty.

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What is our deposit policy?

  • The deposit is 50% of quoted work, non-refundable.
  • Signed contract
  • Once your deposit is in, you reserve a spot on the calendar
  • Updated Policy: because of a high volume of requests and lag time for complex quotes, we are offering on the spot reservations for full builds, once we give you a verbal idea of scope of work. With this deposit, your quote also moves to the front of the line.
    $20k non-refundable

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