Price List

Install prices based on empty 140″-148″ length cargo van.


Diesel D2L-S2 Eberspächer [Sprinter]$3,190
Diesel D4L-S2 Eberspächer [Sprinter]$3,190
Gasoline B4L Eberspächer [Transit/Promaster]$4,060
Gasoline B2L Eberspächer [Ford Transit/Promaster]Coming soon
We install Eberspacher heaters purchased from Rixen Enterprises. Sourcing locally guarantees excellent service, support, and an expedient warranty. All heaters come with a Fire Extinguisher and a C02 detector.


6200K Manual Opening$890
7500K Electric Opening with Remote$940
Prices include the fan, installation, the adapter for a fan to the roof, screws, sealant, & hydro-test.
Does not include wiring the fan to an electrical system.


Awning Style Bunk 10″x33″$850
Large Frameless Slider$1,295
Large Frameless Dual T-vent$1,495
Prices include the window, installation, sealant, and a hydro-test. Van windows fluctuate in cost and shipping based on the supplier. Please call ahead for up-to-the-minute pricing. Shipping time must be considered. Factory window removal is additional.

Weekender Battery Cabinet

Custom Built Battery box – 3 Door Cabinet, Laminate finish
Two Battleborn 100 Ah LiFePo (2)
Kisae DMT 1250 (DC-DC charger and solar MPPT)
Renogy Inverter 3000W
Bluesea 12-blade fuse box
Victron BMV-712 Smart Battery Monitor w/ Bluetooth
45a Intellipower Progressive Lithium Shore Power Charging Block
15a Rear Bumper Shore Power Dongle
Battery Cut-off Switch
Total $10,925
All components fit within the cabinet. The cabinet with all components is installed in the van over the passenger side wheel well. Other connections necessary are a cable from the alternator, a cable from the solar panels, and a connection to the converter for shore power.

Floor Kit

Microcell Insulation Underlayment
3 x 3/4″ ACX Plywood 4’x8′ Sheets
Polyurethane Treatment
Floor Adhesive
Vinyl Top Sheet – LonCoin
Total $3,540
Upgrades for the floor kit include 2TEC2, LonRidge, Plank Flooring, and a few other options. Please reach out to see what options we have.

Wall Kit

Transit, Sprinter, or Promaster high roof wall kit
3/8″ ACX plywood sheets, 1/2″ furring strips
Polyurethane treated
Upholstered with Duramax tweed fabric
Total $7,440
Upgrades reading lights, cubby holes, and upholstered metal.

Ceiling Kit

Transit, Sprinter, or Promaster Ceiling Kit
3/8″ ACX plywood sheets, 1/2″ furring strips
Polyurethane treated
Upholstered with Duramax tweed fabric
Total $2,450
Upgrades options include L-track install, lights, upholstered metal, and upholstered foam ceiling blocks.

L-track Kit

6-Piece Flange Style
Locations: 2 Ceiling, 2 High Wall, 2 Low Wall
Total $2,795
Floor, vertical, and exterior L-track upon request

Swivel Seats

Passenger Seat Swivel
Sprinter or Transit
Drivers Swivel Transit
with Electronic Emergency Brake
Drivers Swivel Sprinter$795
Drivers Swivel Transit
Manual Handbrake
Price includes Swivel Adapter(s) & Installation