Price List

Install prices based on empty 140″-148″ length cargo van.


Diesel D2L-S2 Eberspächer [Sprinter]$3,190
Diesel D4L-S2 Eberspächer [Sprinter]$3,190
Gasoline B4L Eberspächer [Transit/Promaster]$4,060
Gasoline B2L Eberspächer [Ford Transit/Promaster]Coming soon
We install Eberspacher heaters purchased from Rixen Enterprises. Sourcing locally guarantees excellent service, support, and an expedient warranty. All heaters come with a Fire Extinguisher and a C02 detector.


6200K Manual Opening$890
7500K Electric Opening with Remote$940
Prices include the fan, installation, the adapter for a fan to the roof, screws, sealant, & hydro-test.
Does not include wiring the fan to an electrical system.


Awning Style Bunk 10″x33″$850
Large Frameless Slider$1,295
Large Frameless Dual T-vent$1,495
Prices include the window, installation, sealant, and a hydro-test. Van windows fluctuate in cost and shipping based on the supplier. Please call ahead for up-to-the-minute pricing. Shipping time must be considered. Factory window removal is additional.

Weekender Battery Cabinet

Custom Built Battery box – 3 Door Cabinet, Laminate finish
Two Battleborn 100 Ah LiFePo (2)
Kisae DMT 1250 (DC-DC charger and solar MPPT)
Renogy Inverter 3000W
Bluesea 12-blade fuse box
Victron BMV-712 Smart Battery Monitor w/ Bluetooth
45a Intellipower Progressive Lithium Shore Power Charging Block
15a Rear Bumper Shore Power Dongle
Battery Cut-off Switch
Total $10,925
All components fit within the cabinet. The cabinet with all components is installed in the van over the passenger side wheel well. Other connections necessary are a cable from the alternator, a cable from the solar panels, and a connection to the converter for shore power.

Floor Kit

Microcell Insulation Underlayment
3 x 3/4″ ACX Plywood 4’x8′ Sheets
Polyurethane Treatment
Floor Adhesive
Vinyl Top Sheet – LonCoin
Total $3,540
Upgrades for the floor kit include 2TEC2, LonRidge, Plank Flooring, and a few other options. Please reach out to see what options we have.

Wall Kit

Transit, Sprinter, or Promaster high roof wall kit
3/8″ ACX plywood sheets, 1/2″ furring strips
Polyurethane treated
Upholstered with Duramax tweed fabric
Total $7,440
Upgrades reading lights, cubby holes, and upholstered metal.

Ceiling Kit

Transit, Sprinter, or Promaster Ceiling Kit
3/8″ ACX plywood sheets, 1/2″ furring strips
Polyurethane treated
Upholstered with Duramax tweed fabric
Total $2,450
Upgrades options include L-track install, lights, upholstered metal, and upholstered foam ceiling blocks.

L-track Kit

6-Piece Flange Style
Locations: 2 Ceiling, 2 High Wall, 2 Low Wall
Total $2,795
Floor, vertical, and exterior L-track upon request

Swivel Seats

Passenger Seat Swivel
Sprinter or Transit
Drivers Seat Swivel
Transit with Electronic Emergency Brake
Drivers Seat Swivel
Drivers Seat Swivel
Transit Manual Handbrake
Price includes Swivel Adapter(s) & Installation