1-Up Battery Box


One-up is the perfect solution for anyone looking to power their basic electrical needs in their van. With a quick DIY install, this battery box drops right into your van and gives you the power to run a fridge, computers, and other essentials. Plus, it doubles as a seat so you can get comfortable while you’re on the go. The One-up has a high charge rate while you drive, and is ready to accept wires from solar panels. It also can be plugged into the grid with the shore power port.  Drop in ready! Ask us about DIY workshops for adding lights and appliances.

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Charging Ports
  • 2x USB-C PD
  • 1x USB QC3
  • 12v socket (180w)
  • 120v GFCI outlet (15A)

  • LiFePO4 Heated Battleborn Batteries
  • Alternator Charging: 50A
    • Driving time to charge to 99%: 4 hours from empty (1UP200)
  • Solar Charging: 30A @ 12v
  • Shore Power Charging: 45A @ 12v
  • Battery Capacity: 100Ah or 200Ah
  • Inverter: 2000 watts
  • Dimensions 18.5″ H x 20″ W x 22″ D


Ten open spots on the Blue Sea Bus bar to wire lights and accessories. Extra fuses included

Can be chained with additional Battleborn 100Ah Batteries. Please work with a qualified technician in your area to do this. Pro tip: it is best to use batteries of the same age, so add extras when you first do your install, not later.

Lead Time and Shipping

The One-up is built to order. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for build time

Pick-up in Hood River, OR is free, and there is no sales tax. Freight shipping and taxes will be quoted for delivery to your address

Is the VLC available to install and hook up your One-up?

Yes. $100 to mount and connect to your alternator (*on most new vans)

Are you available to mount and connect solar panels?

Yes. Please contact us for a quote

Are you available to continue wiring the rest of the van?

Of course! We love to offer you our services. In case we are booked out, we also offer free training to teach you how you can do this on your own!

Does this work with induction stoves?

Yes, but only for light cooking. You can chain another 200ah of batteries and choose the 3000w option for better performance. Stay tuned for the One-up360!

Does this work with an air conditioner?

No. For a traditional 120v ac, you need substantially more power. For a 12-volt A/C like the Dometic RTX, the 1UP200 will operate the A/C for a short run time only. Stay tuned for the 1UP360.

How long does it take to install?

In a new Ford Transit, it takes 30-45 min to anchor and 10 minutes to hook up to the alternator. Hardware is included.

Do I need tools?

You will need…

  • A standard drill or impact driver
  • An optional install tool kit includes:
    • 1/4″ drill bit
    • P2 Phillips bit
    • 5/16″ wrench
Can I do this if I don’t know electrical?

Yes. Our install video is coming soon!

How do I hook up my lights and other appliances?

The BlueSea fuse box is ready to accept wires from your appliances. We offer a free workshop once a month in Hood River, OR to learn this, and you can also refer to our training video coming soon.
Also, a wiring tool kit is available for purchase.

Does this come with a warranty?


The Vanlife Collective guarantees a three-year warranty on the 1UP box.

Battleborn batteries have a 10 year warranty on manufacturer defects.

Additional information

Weight 140 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 20 × 18.5 in
Battery Capacity

100Ah, 200Ah

Alternator Charging


Shore Power Charging


Solar Charging

30A 50v max


2000w, 3000w

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