Jeff Kraemer

Sales, Designer & Builder

An avid skier, kiter, and mountain biker, Jeff has over 30 years of experience as a television producer and special effects editor.  He has worked on commercials for top companies and directed music videos for popular bands.  Originally from the Bay Area, Jeff moved to Portland in 1991 to work for Wieden & Kennedy Advertising.

Throughout his career in television, he was consistently designing and producing ground-up ideas for his clients.  He was always creating new visual concepts.  From trade-show booths to museum builds, Jeff’s sense of spatial design is unique.

In 2016, Jeff purchased a sprinter van and took a 5-year sabbatical—coming in for a landing at Landau’s Vanlife Collective.   Jeff’s unique sense of style was complemented by many for his build of the “Bamboo Cabin” a 144 2500 Sprinter all decked out in bamboo and finely woven fabrics all designed with skiing in mind.  “If it weren’t for winter– I could get away with a Subaru”, Jeff Says.